This end is just the beginning

This end is just the beginning

When they started the unit six weeks ago students wondered if everything cool was already discovered. Students in grade four rounded out their unit study of exploration with a grand unit celebration today. With many of their teachers, grandparents and parents in attendance, students presented their learning in our new second-floor conference room.

Each student in Mr. Bacon’s class used the J.A.M. technique (just a minute) to preview a favorite song by the jazz musicians they studied in class. The sounds of bebop and the big band era filled the conference room as each student explained something they found interesting in their exploration of their chose jazz musician. Parents enjoyed coffee and cookies while learning about their discoveries. After the J.A.M. session, students retrieved their instruments that they started playing in September and improvised on their instruments with Ms. Lauren and scat sang with Ms. Charla over a jazz standard tune. Each student tried their hand at taking the notes they had learned and each student created music on the spot.

After the show, parents were invited to come across the hall and sit for a few minutes to see their child’s powerpoint presentations on their chosen jazz musician.  In the presentations, students showed their essential questions about their musician they created and the answers they found during their research. Finally, students showed off their mini-life museums where they had curated items found and discovered over the past six weeks. Inside of their mini-museums, our explorers displayed items ranging from soil found at their homes to things that reflect light.

Throughout the exploration unit, students happily found that not everything had been discovered yet and that a lifelong love of learning begins and continues throughout life when you are an explorer like them.

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