Simple Machines简易机械

Simple Machines简易机械

After enjoying the movie of Ferdinand, we became book & movie critics. We began by doing a compare and contrast with a Venn diagram to identify the similarities and differences. Then we each shared our opinion about which one we preferred and why.


We unscrambled our third line of inquiry: Inventions and innovations that impact people’s lives.


We then recorded the line of inquiry in our UOI notebooks and made illustrations to help us understand it. We also illustrated the invention stories Mr. Rafael shared with us to help us better understand our second line of inquiry: How circumstances can lead to inventions and innovations.


We are so proud of Kevin W. who has been making connections outside of our classroom. He brought his book, The History of Cars, to share and we used the timeline to add it to our thinking map.

我们为Kevin W.感到骄傲,他在课后学习了一整套关于汽车的知识。他带来了一本书—《汽车的历史》来跟大家一起分享,我们也以时间为主轴,整理学习了这些知识。

In preparation for our summative project we started learning about seven simple machines.


We were presented with a provocation to use a box, clothes pins, straws, and our imagination to make a toy…


We had a blast working together in teams to make a Foosball game and especially playing with it!


We enjoyed a great book by Dr. Seuss, Oh, the Thinks you can THINK. It helped us to warm-up our imagination for our summative projects!


After reading the book, we thought about how to creatively illustrate our favorite character from the movie Ferdinand. We used the attributes and attitudes to describe the character and trace the body.


For our summative project we were each put into a team, we selected a simple machine, and were given the challenge to invent or innovate a toy!


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