Bamboo Cottage is expanding!!!

Bamboo Cottage is expanding!!!

We are happy to announce that we have four new faces in the Toddler class. During the past few weeks we have been busy welcoming and helping our new children settle in our learning environment. They have been adapting to the new environment and the routine at their own pace, and have been going through the separation process from their parents. First days are always challenging for small children, but they have shown strength and courage, facing their initial fears and the sadness for being separated from their families. They have also been curious about all the new things around. They have been exploring material, listening to teachers and being respectful with peers. Open minds ready to grow in our learning community!!






We want to congratulate our group of toddlers for being such incredible hosts with the new children. They have demonstrated an open heart and curiosity for their new friends. Children have helped each other, shown and presented the environment and activities, taught them words, etc. It is a wonderful experience for the heart and for the eye to see little people being so friendly and caring. The peace in the classroom has also helped our new students to be calm earlier and to start enjoying our class routines with the rest of the group.



Winter in Qingdao is both cold and white this year. Our group of toddlers are having so much fun with snow and ice. They love to touch it, feel the cold in their hands, pick up ice and show it to teachers, make it melt. Providing them with a few shovels and buckets is ensuring that become actively engaged for a long time exploring and learning through experience.





On another note, we have had a few birthday celebrations during the past weeks. Two of our girls turned 3 and they shared with us some beautiful pictures of themselves from birth to now. Parents were invited to assist and we all had a great time. The Montessori birthday celebration is a wonderful moment where we celebrate the child’s life and his/her life long walk around the sun. A child shares pictures of his/her growing and parents are invited to share moments of the child’s life. Songs are sung to him/her and lastly the child blows the candle. After the celebration we all eat some muffins that the children baked during the morning. Such a special day as you can see!




Here some pictures of children preparing birthday muffins…



And to conclude this post, let’s talk about Chinese Spring Festival. The celebration of the Chinese New Year is about to start, and the school community has been celebrating it for the past few days. Classes decorated with lanterns, dog’s shapes and lots of red decorations. Our children have decorated the room with the beautiful activities that Ms. Jessica has organized and presented. The students loved them, and they were so engaged. Cutting, gluing, painting, and singing the Happy Chinese New Year’s song.




Here some pictures of snack preparation activities. They love it!




Even though they spill it…



Some of them love sharing! Here this little boy is making juice just for his friends.



As you can see, after all these events happening in the classroom for the past few weeks, we are ready to start our Chinese spring break. See you all in two weeks, with lots of new things to happen, many stories to share, new students to join us, friendships to nurture and a load of fun learning experiences!

Have a great holiday wherever you will be!

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