How we organize ourselves

How we organize ourselves

An important part of being a learner is reflection, we all thought back on our last unit of inquiry, Where we are in Place and Time, and shared what we learned, what worked and where we need to improve…

We have started literacy circles, which will help us continue to grow as readers and writers. Each week we read a new book with our group and each day we each take charge of a role: summarizer, illustrator, character artist, word wizard, and discussion director. These roles help us with comprehension while improving both our reading and writing skills.

We enjoyed a great informational book about various types of transportation from around the world.

We started our new unit of inquiry, How We Organize Ourselves: Transportation Systems. We began by using our fun buzzers to unscramble the central idea: Transportation systems are created to meet the needs of individuals and communities.

To help us begin to understand the central idea we had a discussion about what transportation systems means. We then recorded the central idea along with our ideas in our UOI notebooks.

Thank you Anielka for making connections outside of our learning space and brining your book How the World Works to share!

For our new unit of inquiry we will each earn a driver’s license as it represents a system that we have in place in our community. Since our driver’s license required our weight and height we took a mini field trip to Ms. Ann’s office, our school nurse, to use the measuring tape and scale.

We had a great day celebrating Dr. Seuss’ birthday! Thank you Grade 5 for sharing with us your performance of The Lorax. We also illustrated a Dr. Seuss quote and took a fun Dr. Seuss bookmark home!


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