Building friendship

Building friendship

Here we go again! Few weeks have passed already since the last post, but here is more about the little ones of our school.

Children continue mastering skills with activities that they already know. They are also showing curiosity for the new materials presented. Activities such as transferring water with a pipette, sponges or small pitchers are excellent to develop eye-hand coordination, precision of their grasping, first notions of math such as quantity, and concentration. These types of activities are self-corrected which means the child can see his/her mistakes and try to improve. These water transfer activities are also useful as a practice for daily life creating independence from adult assistance.




Grace and courtesy are very important in our classroom and we constantly encourage our students to be polite with others and to use words to communicate their needs or feelings. The hard work is now visible, and children are used to saying please, thank you, excuse me and greet others. We have heard “do you want me to help you?”. Wonderful!

It is common to see how they are becoming familiar with expressions such as “stop, I don’t like that”, “it’s my work, wait your turn” “can I have this?” “can you help me please?” or “can I have a hug?”. More surprising is to see how they can calm themselves down and use words instead of physical contact or loud voices when they feel upset. Small children get frustrated easily for two main reasons: they don’t have the vocabulary yet to express what they need/want: and they are used to have promptly what they want and it takes them longer to develop patience and sharing skills. Children share space with 19 other people and they must develop patience as well as vocabulary to express themselves. We have seen progress on keeping their hands to themselves, breathe in and out, and use wise words with others when they were disappointed for being taken away their work. Children are building a beautiful friendship, hugging and praising others’ work or clothes. They are showing acts of generosity helping others to get dressed, passing the water bottle, setting up the table, and sharing the snacks they prepare. – Sorry we don’t have much pictures of these moments, they are so spontaneous that we don’t have time for a snap.




This work below is great. Children learn about shapes, colors and to lock and unlock different types of locks. They can spend long periods of time working on it!




For the past few weeks we have been learning about dinosaurs through different activities. Children have been fully engaged. These activities promoted language and sensorial development, and imaginative play with the dinosaur park.




Gross motor skills are being enormously developed mostly during recess. Children enjoy running, jumping, driving the bikes, throwing balls, balancing, and climbing. They are also reinforcing their friendships through play and it is common to see two or three children playing together.  FYI, we have a Cookie Monster in the playground. The children came out with that idea last week and they seem to have fun thinking there is a Monster in the basement of the playground. Funny kids!




Some of our children are very artistic and they can spend a long time in the Art area. We have recently added a large white board that they love to use! Another great tool to work on gross movements.





Children are conscious about taking care of the plants in the classroom. They water them and wash the leaves frequently. Last week we had a bunch of fresh flowers that a mom shared with us. These two children had so much fun getting them ready for the classroom.



Last, but not least we have new faces who have recently joined our group. These two boys are working hard on familiarizing themselves with the environment. They also enjoy their time at school, exploring and inquiring around.




We have also had to say good bye to one of our friends. Although we are already missing him, we know he will do great in his new school and we wish him all the best in his new country. We bid him adieu on his last day and here is the group picture for him! Good luck dear friend!


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