Last two weeks…

Last two weeks…

We have been enjoying working on our literacy circles with a partner. We are able to discuss our role each day and share ideas. Sharing aloud has helped us with our oral language skills.

After discussing and sharing our ideas about the lines of inquiry we record it in our UOI notebooks, where we keep track of the progression of our unit.

Our unit of inquiry is all about transportation systems and we all worked together to make road signs for our city. We discussed the importance of road signs to help organize road transportation.

We have been unwrapping our lines of inquiry to help us have a better understanding of our central idea…

The beauty of this summative assessment/project is that all our friends from both Magnolia and Sunflower classes are working together. It is important that we organize our ideas and we did so by planning in our individual UOI notebooks where we should put road signs and places we feel are important for a community.

One of our formative assessments was to create a mini road to represent the different functions of road signs in the organization of a city.

Thank you Steven for sharing with us the hard work you put into building a model of the Titanic, which is connected to water transportation systems. We are always happy to hear about the connections our friends are making outside of the classroom.

We are so excited about adding new features to our community each day and look forward to sharing it with our family and friends at our upcoming  Unit Celebration!

The key concepts play an important role in guiding us through our inquiry cycle and making connections. In this unit, How we Organize Ourselves, we have focused on causation, function, and perspective. During our discussion around our thinking map we shared ideas of these key concepts in relation to transportation systems.

We value various ways of acquiring vocabulary, developing language, and making connections. We have a theme song for each unit of inquiry and in this unit we have been sining A Million Dreams. We glued the lyrics in our poetry books and took time to illustrate what we infer is the message of the song.

We had a fun-filled Literacy Week, with a guest speaker story teller, poem in a pocket, and a favorite book character parade!


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