Grades 1 & 2 Unit Celebration!

Grades 1 & 2 Unit Celebration!

Our central idea and lines of inquiry for our unit, How We Organize Ourselves…


After unpacking our central idea and lines of inquiry, discussing and breaking down in various ways all the academic language we put the finishing touches to our combined summative project.


March 14th, Pi day, is celebrated all around the world. We also celebrated and made the connection directly with our unit on transportation systems. After learning about the Pi number and discovering it’s infinite we made our very own skyline art and used it as a background for our mini road transportation formative assessment.


After completing our literacy circle we decided to practice the play and are really looking forward to sharing it with our younger friends. We are practicing how to read with fluency and expression while using our reading phones…


In our art class with Mr. Chris B. we started building houses and other spaces for our community. We gave them the finishing touches before finding a place for them in our community that we built inside our thinking map.


Before our parents joined us for our unit celebration we did a role play with one another and presented our work and projects to help us ease our excitement…


On picture day we brought our best smiles for the camera and took some time to take class photos!


We had a fantastic time at the Peter Pan sneak peek. A round of applause for all our friends who were part of the cast and a special round of applause to our very own brave girl, Anielka!

 大家都在Peter Pan的演出中度过了美好时光。我们把掌声送给所有的演出人员,也送给我们班勇敢的女孩,Anielka!

We had a fun sharing assembly Friday morning with Grade 5 getting us excited about reading by sharing their book trailers, Grade 4 sharing a song, and singing happy birthday to our friends.


We love when we have the opportunity to share our learning with our parents. Thank you so much for sharing this valuable time with us and being a part of our learning journey!



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