Spring has Sprung in Peony Cottage | ‘绽放的春天’

Spring has Sprung in Peony Cottage | ‘绽放的春天’

“The child seeks for independence by means of work; an independence of body and mind.”

~‘The Absorbent mind’ – Dr. Maria Montessori.

Working hours have been louder these past weeks, although children seemed busy, but the level of noise and energy inside them was higher. I’ve heard teachers sometimes name this excitement as “Spring Fever”. Hence, we felt the need to reinforce some ground rules in the classroom like using indoor speaking voices, using walking feet and patting on the persons’ shoulder/arm when in need.

These days the sun has been shining so bright, and it’s getting warmer day by day. The weather has been very pleasant during the outside play times for our children. As children continue to observe more changes in their environment, we have more topics to discuss about, from life-cycles as new beginnings, the blossoming flowers, amazing insects and much more. Springtime is the best time for planting and children planted some seeds this week, an activity they enjoyed the most. Children will be taking care of them as they sprout and grow over the weeks.

In the classroom, everyone has been excitedly observing the silkworms growing bigger and fatter and shedding their old skin. It will surely be a great experience for us to watch them as they soon build cocoons and transform into moths. Some children were busy looking through a magnifying glass and some others worked on the lifecycle of the moth.

We have been singing many new Spring related songs and we also learnt a new poem “Five Spring Flowers”, will be sharing all the information in the Group We chat soon.

I would like to take this opportunity to share with you one of my favorite Montessori activities we engage in as a whole group, The Silence Game.

MAKING SILENCE ( The Silence Game )

Purpose: Through the creation of silence, one can learn to appreciate and discriminate surrounding sounds. We learn to “ see “ with our ears as we quiet ourselves and listen to the song of a bird, the patter of raindrops against a windowpane, or a distant laughter of children on the playground. One will also be able to turn his/her thoughts and senses inward, thus developing an awareness of each breath taken and how the body relaxes as it inhales and exhales.

It is these qualities that we wish to instill among the children, for it will help them to be so much aware of not only their surroundings but of themselves, as well.

“We are going to make silence./Keep your body still./ Keep your hands still./Sit quietly./(take a deep breath)./ Speak to no one./ Close your eyes./ Think how quiet it is./ Listen./ “

It is amazing how children have developed eventually and can sit and relax quietly for a much longer span of time than we once started. It is a special time for us to sit and relax ourselves and feel at ease during anytime of the day.



~“吸收性心智”-玛利亚 蒙特梭利





我们一直在学习新的关于春天的歌曲,还学了一首新诗-“Five Spring Flowers”,很快,这些信息都会在我们的班级微信群里分享给大家。









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