Spring is in the air! |到处充满了春天的气息!

Spring is in the air! |到处充满了春天的气息!

With the arrival of warm spring weather, we can’t help but jump in the air and embrace hope and possibility – all the things we can learn, all the places we will explore, all the world to see as we dive into our next Unit of Inquiry on Spaces and continue listening to, reading and telling stories!

Did you know that when we are emotionally secure and happy we open our brains up to learning?  It is no wonder then that there is such an emphasis on social-emotional development in the EC – of course we love to see those adorable smiles, but we also know that is the best condition for learning!  Over the past months we have had a lot to celebrate, from holidays to birthdays to new friendships.  The stories we have experienced are written in our notebooks, shared in our conversations and captured in our moments.

Take a break with us as we recap our last few months in pictures and videos – we bet you’ll be smiling too!


The joy of a small surprise in a moment of stillness.

Giggles up and down !


Grade 4 reading buddies:  Storytelling magic.

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