Sharing the Planet!

Sharing the Planet!

We kicked off our new unit of inquiry, Sharing the Planet, by celebrating Earth Day. We brought in old t-shirts and transformed them into beautiful and reusable shopping bags…all we used were a pair of scissors and our creativity! We have all taken action and started doing our part in helping our Earth by reducing the amount of plastic bags we use by using our hand-made bags. We will share pictures to create an action wall to promote the idea with all our PYP friends!

Thank you Kevin W. for sharing your exciting book about ocean animals with us. We were especially surprised by the clever flashlight.  It is connected to our current unit of inquiry, Sharing the Planet: Ecosystems & Habitats.

We all came back with wonderful memories from our spring break adventures so we decided to write narratives and share them with one another. It was so great to listen to all the wonderful stories!

We unscrambled our central idea for our unit of inquiry Sharing the Planet: Ecosystems share the planet and adapt to survive. We then shared aloud and discussed the big words, “ecosystems, adapt, and survive” and recorded our ideas in our UOI notebooks. We are so excited for our new unit because our thinking map got bigger, which only means this unit will be bigger…stay tuned!


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