A Peek into Peony Cottage |遇见牡丹班

A Peek into Peony Cottage |遇见牡丹班

“Growth and Development depend upon the continued narrowing of the relationships between a child and his environment”.

~Dr. Maria Montessori.


                                                                          玛利亚 蒙特梭利博士

Since the past few weeks, children have been happy, enjoying outdoor playtimes while embracing the much warmer weather. In this month, we provided longer outdoor periods that included frequent nature walks around our beautiful campus full of flowering cherry trees after which children returned energized and content. Although the busiest time of the year has set stage and some days have been louder with high energy levels, children still continue to work with their favorite activities in the classroom.


As children wait for the moths to come out, we turned our attention towards other animals who hatch from eggs, and it turned out to be a very interesting discussion, in which most children participated. We could tell, they had noticed the different kinds of eggs, their sizes and shapes in the books from our reading corner. We also looked into the life cycle of a butterfly and inquired why the butterfly wings are wet and crumbly when it comes out of the chrysalis. We introduced a new song for the life cycle:


The Butterfly Song

Have you seen a butterfly, floating in the wind,

Lays its eggs under the leaf, that’s where it’s life begins,

Caterpillar hatches out and, down the branch will creep,

Forms a cozy chrysalis and then it goes to sleep,

When it opens it will be a lovely butterfly.

Lays its egg under the leaf and flies up to the sky.

They have also been rehearsing for the long awaited year-end performances, which will encompass the upcoming Arts week scheduled from June 4th to June 8th. Detailed information regarding the same will soon be provided.


We need each child to bring in a green shirt and green skirt or pants with no writing or pictures.

They will all be either a frog or a tadpole based on their age and will get the additional costume pieces to add to the base from us. We just need each student to bring in their green bottom and top. Please put your child’s name and class on the inside of their clothes and put the clothes in a bag. Please send the clothes within the next two weeks, that would give us sufficient time to work on the additional pieces.

Thank you.




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