April Discoveries.

April Discoveries.

Art is an important area of work in our class. Children have opportunities to develop eye hand coordination, and sensorial through color and texture exploration and most important: art incentives creativity. The world is constantly changing and we all need to have the skills to adapt ourselves to it. Creativity is the tool, it creates individuals with independent thinking skills who become problem solvers.


Since the beginning of the school year, these toddlers have been enjoying painting with different tools on easel, A4 paper and on our wonderful white board wall. The practice of large movements of the arm at this early age will favor a better development of the fine movements of the hand and fingers needed in the future for writing.




We also have been exploring the concept of team work or collaborative activity by doing this amazing collage. We offered corks for stamping but they ended up using their hands. They mixed the colors, glue and added glitter and shinny things. It was really fun, especially those who hesitated to get dirty but ended up completely into exploring the texture of the color paint with their hands, forgetting about the activity itself.






During April we have been discovering the different ways to eat strawberries! We started with a simple food tasting activity where children had the opportunity to see, touch, smell and eat strawberries. The following week we prepared strawberry milkshakes and ended by making strawberry ice creams! They loved it. For May we are planning to explore mangoes.







April has been a month full of events. We where invited to Magnolia’s & Sunflower’s Unit Celebration where the students shared the result of their hard work: they built a city as part of their Unit of Inquiry “How we Organize Ourselves”. Our toddlers were amazed with the constructions, cars, airplanes, boats, roads and traffic signs. Also this same group invited us to their puppet show which  impressed our children once again.


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Peter Pan Musical was a HUGE event for all the school community. We were part of the audience for the preview and they were astonished with the costumes, the music and the lights. Some of them came over the weekend to watch the full show and during the next week they couldn’t talk about anything else. They even role played pirates and crocodiles, saying funny sentences such “I don’t want to grow up”, “we are pirates now ARGG”, or “I will become Captain Hook”.


Click on the video below to see these pirates


April has also been a month for learning about the life cycle of frogs in connection with the upcoming Swamped show and the songs we are practicing for the show. We have puzzles, books, little toy frogs, cards, play dough to recreate frogs’ habitats… and  Ms. Jessica surprised us by bringing real tadpoles so now we have pets to take care of. I wonder what we will do when they become frogs? No worries, we will free them to their natural habitat.


And to conclude, here are some extra pictures of the group in their daily routine. Children enjoying books, pouring, drawing, playing with each other, completing puzzles that they couldn’t before…. These kids are growing and learning so fast! Come to visit if you haven’t yet. You won’t regret it.

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