Taking action!

Taking action!

Our literacy circle book this week was, The Talent Contest, in connection with our upcoming QAIS Got Talent Show for our Family Fun Day. Besides continuing to work on our reading and writing skills it has helped us to ease our nervousness about auditioning for the talent show.

For this new unit of inquiry, Sharing the Planet, we each have a life strip. We will use it throughout the unit to motivate us to stay focused and on task. If not, we are at risk of having a polluted life (in the words of Kevin W). We are all going to work towards making responsible choices!

We unscrambled our first line of inquiry: Different types of ecosystems. We then played a suspenful game to reveal the four ecosystems (biomes) we will focus on for this unit. They are…drum rolls please…Marine, Temperate Forest, Okefenokee Swamp, and Alpine!

We all got very excited about the ecosystems we will research. We began by using our own background knowledge to illustrate what we think our respective ecosystem looks like, the flora and the fauna…

Thank you for your support with reusing our hand-made t-shirt bags and taking action to make our beautiful planet healthier with a simple yet meaningful act!

We are very proud of the responsibility we have each taken and are sharing it with our school community with our Action Wall. Our hope is that it’ll help bring consciousness and encourage others to join us!

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