Happy Mother’s Day!

Happy Mother’s Day!

As we grow as writers, we are also learning how to become more independent. We created a check list for our narrative writing pieces. This will help us reflect on our writing and work towards making it better each time.

We are so excited for the collaborative work of our unit Sharing the Planet. We had fun being creative and illustrating the letters of our ecosystem according to the flora and fauna you can find in each one! These will also serve as labels to help us organize our learning space.

Our first formative assessment in connection with our first line of inquiry (different types of ecosystems) was to make a mini model of our ecosystem with the flora and fauna. It was so much fun to use modeling clay and let our creativity run…

In order to become more knowledgable about our respective ecosystem we have to work together and research. We have discovered this isn’t always an easy process because there are many big words, but when we support one another everything is possible.

Great job to our Grade 4 friends for a wonderful entrepreneur fair. We really enjoyed visiting all the stalls that were filled with wonderful items for purchase.

We took some time to show our appreciation for our Nurse Ms. Ann during Nurse Appreciation Week. She really liked her heart and band-aid card that we all signed. Thank you Ms. Ann for your gentle care!

We shared a special moment with our moms at our Mother’s Day Celebration! We also made them a gift by reusing empty glass jars and transforming them into colorful and unique jars for keeping treasures inside. Thank you moms for being your wonderful and loving selves.


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