Fun under the sun

Fun under the sun

For the past three weeks, our toddlers have explored so much about the world.

First week of May, our lovely Qingdao turned pink with all those beautiful cherry blossoms. The weather also started to get warmer and we didn’t hesitate to walk around the campus with a basket in hand and improvise a cherry blossom collection. Children enjoyed running on the grass, rolling around, picking up and throwing petals. As you see, the pictures are gorgeous.

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This month we are tasting mangoes. Again we started with a simple food tasting activity and prepared a mango smoothie the following week. We all like to bake and prepare our own snacks. Children are more interested in eating when they cook themselves.




Finally sunny days are here and we can enjoy more outdoor time. The sand is definitely one of the favorite attractions. They also like riding the cars and sliding on the slide. For a few days we borrowed a bubble machine… and you can imagine what happened. Children plus bubbles equals laughs and loads fun!

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In the classroom, children keep practicing and developing skills with activities in each area. The art area is a very popular one, as you can see. The students color, draw, paint, cut, glue, or develop their imagination through the use of play dough. Practical life is also of interest to them as they are actively engaged in cleaning activities or food preparation. The sensorial area is also becoming more popular among older children who enjoy building garages, high skyscrapers or long roads.

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We have a long sensory table which is constantly filled and the thematic is being changed every two or three weeks. We have had millet, sand and now we have water beads. Children love playing with them. The feeling is really interesting and even more so when they are squeezed. We added a few sea animals as an introduction to sea life.




We added to the class a few new things. This liquid color oil timer may look like a simple decoration, but in fact it helps to develop concentration. Children feel attracted by the colors and the slow dripping. They sit to watch all the drops fall and repeat the process over and over again. In some children whose levels of activity are high, this kind of activity helps them to slow down, relax, stay focused and to connect with themselves.



In our weekly music class, Ms. Lauren is teaching high and low sounds. Toddlers seem to understand well and they love having the turn to play the xylophone. We are still practicing the two songs we will perform for the show, Swamped. Children already know the songs and movements well. I encourage you to play these songs at home too.

  • The swamp stomp

  • Just a little tadpole



Last week it was Mother’s Day. We hope all moms enjoyed their day and got some extra love. The previous days, your children were happily making the place mats by stamping their hands on their chosen color and adding glitter.

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For the next weeks we will keep practicing our songs, learning about sea life, observing the growth of our plants, and developing self mindfulness through yoga and meditation. Yes, we also do that in our class. We will share in the next post. Stay tuned!

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