The Work of The Child | 孩子的作品

The Work of The Child | 孩子的作品

Picture1Maria Montessori is often quoted as recognizing that “play is the work of the child.”   If we let the children play to their hearts’ desires, we will then be able to witness all the possibilities held within this basket.

我们经常引用玛利亚蒙特梭利的话“玩耍就是孩子的工作”。 “如果让孩子们去玩他们发自内心喜欢的活动,我们就能看到这个过程中所有的可能性。”


Picture 2


And what a privilege it has been to see firsthand some of these possibilities.




To see through their eyes and listen to the stories shared when we plead,       Picture 3                “Tell me about this…”  is to experience what freedom of the mind and  spirit is about.  Can you imagine the story here?!!

看着他们的眼睛,恳请他们分享故事,“告诉我…”这是为了体验遐想。                                                                               你能想象这个故事吗?!!



Picture 4Do you see where one piece started, and a pattern was formed, and then expanded upon and an entire plot was thought through?




We are in awe each day.  We recognize the concentration and commitment to their play.  We observe the intentional placement of each piece and we respect that it is our duty to protect this space in time so that the children have the opportunity to createPicture 5 their awesome stories.  This is the work of the teacher in the classroom.

Otherwise, how would we see that inside this basket,




lies a sleeping dragon,


Picture 6

waiting to be released?


Picture 7

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