Building the summative…

Building the summative…

We began our week with Ms. Patricia & Ms. LiYan presenting the Creation Story. We all really enjoyed the narrative and the experiments presented to help us see it in a different perspective.

We are continuing to grow as readers and writers in our Literacy Circles and some of our friends are now choosing their own book. It is also great for us to share aloud with our friends as it helps us to become more confident in our oral speaking skills and presenting skills.

We unscrambled our third line of inquiry: How human interactions with the environment affects the balance of the systems. We really have fun using the buzzers as it adds suspense to our discovery!

Great job to our Grade 5 friends for all their work on their exhibition. We enjoyed learning about the various topics that motivated them to bring about awareness and take action. 

It’s been really exciting seeing our ecosystems come to life in 3D. We are all having fun collaborating and look forward to seeing what flora and fauna each of us is adding…

We can’t wait for our unit celebration and sharing with our parents and school community all that we have learned and built together!

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