Unit Celebration for Sharing the Planet!

Unit Celebration for Sharing the Planet!

As we wrapped up our unit of inquiry, Sharing the Planet, we took some time to record in our pictionary the academic language that guided our inquiry: interdependence, survive, adapt, ecosystem, flora, fauna, and human interaction. Eric (Sunflower) explained beautifully to the class what interdependence meant by using the example of a tree providing fruit for the monkey and in exchange the monkey spreads the seeds after eating the fruit.

Last week we had a conversation about how we (humans) are interacting with the environment and sometimes in negative ways like polluting, and taking more natural resources than what we really need. This week we challenged ourselves to think about positive ways we can interact with the environment and made a 3D clay model to include in our ecosystems.

We were given the challenge to represent on a poster what message we want to share with others about how we can work together in sharing this beautiful planet. We all came up with creative and great ideas!

We are all very proud of our collaborative effort in researching about our ecosystems and creatively making them come to life in 3D representations.

We took some time to share with each other about our ecosystems and the flora and fauna we each researched. We feel very knowledgeable when we use such words as nocturnal, herbivore, carnivore, and omnivore.

We were so excited to welcome our parents and share with them all of our learning. Thank you very much for your constant support in this shared learning journey!


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