So Sing Out Loud and Sing Out Clear. Everyone’s Song Is Welcome Here! | 就这样大声的唱,清晰的诵吧,给孩子们的歌声点赞!

So Sing Out Loud and Sing Out Clear. Everyone’s Song Is Welcome Here! | 就这样大声的唱,清晰的诵吧,给孩子们的歌声点赞!

Among many other messages of encouragement and hope, this one rings particularly true from the June 5th performance of Swamped! In this special performance, children from the toddler, Early Childhood and grades 1, 2 and 3 classes came together to perform a musical of songs about friendship and courage.

Over the course of 6 weeks the children learned several songs, dance moves, and memorized lines in order to present this very special message and musical journey to the QAIS community.

In true Montessori and IB PYP fashion, the students were able to inquire about habitat, change and development, and working together collaboratively for a common goal.

As they explored the habitat of a swamp which tied directly into the grades 1 and 2 unit of inquiry on ecosystems and habitats, students from all levels created art, engaged in drama activities related to animals and movement, and learned music from the musical focusing on melody and language.

This unique multi-age performance allowed our very youngest students (2 years old) to be part of an arts celebration with students up to 9 years old. The older students modeled performance behavior, helped to teach singing and dancing, and, together, they developed appreciation for the varied skills and unique talents of each other. Having just seen the older students perform Peter Pan, the atmosphere was ripe to build the performance skills of our younger students. The enthusiasm, joy, and delight in assuming their roles in costumes made by parents and teachers and stepping on stage into the foggy “swamp” was palpable and a true summative arts experience during our QAIS Arts Week celebrations.

You can watch the Swamped! Video HERE  (VPN needed) or download your own copy by clicking this HERE. And look below for some fun pictures as well!

The QAIS Arts Team look forward to many more collaborative performance opportunities like this in the future and thank the QAIS community for their incredible support of learning and the arts at our school!!



在真正的蒙特梭利教育和IB 小学项目的理念中,学生们应该能够探究根源、变化及发展,并为一个共同的目标而共同努力。


由于这是唯一的一次混龄表演,最小的演员(2岁)也有机会同9岁的哥哥姐姐们同台表演。大孩子也在演出中做出很好的榜样,而且还帮老师教弟弟妹妹们唱歌,跳舞。舞台上,每个孩子的艺术禀赋得到了锻炼和展示。看了大孩子们《彼得·潘》(Peter Pan)的表演后,小演员们也跃跃欲试,努力的锻炼自己的表演能力。穿上老师和妈妈们制作的各种角色服装,孩子们热情高涨,兴奋不已。在我们的“QAIS艺术周”的庆祝活动中,踏上这片雾蒙蒙的沼泽仿佛原景重现,这才是一种真正的艺术体验!





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