Happy Summer Holidays!

Happy Summer Holidays!

We are celebrating the closure of a year of success, personal growth, and friendship!!!

The last weeks have gone so fast and we already ended this school year! Unbelievable! Children have been shining with their own light, showing the best of themselves. Responsibility, patience, caring, happiness, joy, and a passion for what they do. There is no doubt they loved coming to school. They felt free and in control of their learning. That has been our goal for the past year. We let them be, we guided them in a way that they didn’t even notice they were being taught. For us, teachers, we loved to see their smiles when they crossed the door every morning. They trusted us and they felt comfortable sharing anything with us. We cannot express how valuable those moments have been.

One of the biggest success of this group has been participating, rocking and astonishing the whole school community in the musical “Swamped”. Everyone at school shared with us how talented our group was and how well they handled an hour show in front of the crowd.


Thank you parents for attending the party “What makes me happy”. Children loved spending time with you in their “working” environment.


Father’s Day was another big celebration. We would also like to thank you for your presence, and for sharing your favorite activities. We really enjoyed that quality time with you all.


And to keep adding celebrations, during the past weeks we have celebrated three of our students’ birthdays. Such a lovely moment shared with their families too. “Happy birthday” song has been sung over and over again since then.


And to conclude, here are some pictures and learning experiences that happened recently.

Children showed interest for the pink tower. We use this Montessori material to develop visual discrimination, coordination, and precision by matching each cube with the silhouettes on paper. Transferring activities are also excellent for practicing these skills.


Art was practiced through play-dough, cutting and gluing, coloring, painting, and expressing themselves through music. They loved singing no matter the language of the lyrics, or which season we are in…. they still get excited about singing “Jingle Bells”.


Our toddlers enjoyed practical life activities. They had developed responsibility and pleasure for organizing the environment. From watering plants to placing materials on shelves, or just taking care of oneself. They also build the concept of community and they loved having snacks with friends while talking and laughing.


And lastly, thank you for the beautiful “End of Year” party we shared together. Thanks for coming, for your time, and your kind words. We appreciate your trust in our Team and we are the lucky ones for having had your child with us.

Bamboo Cottage wants to wish you a lovely summer to disconnect from routines and reconnect with yourselves and your beloved ones.


May we meet again!!

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