Who We Are: Choices & Well-Being

Who We Are: Choices & Well-Being

We always start our day with our class meeting. On Mondays, we share one fun moment we had over the weekend while on Fridays we give each other a compliment; however, every day we sing together. We are currently practicing the song “Living in the Moment” by Jason Mraz.


An essential component of learning is collaboration and we sure love to share our ideas with one another.


We love to explore math from different angles and this week we have started an interactive notebook activity in which we estimated length. Part of this process is learning how to organize our work in our math notebooks and then having fun solving the problems.



We have started our first unit of inquiry under the transdisciplinary theme “Who We Are”, in which we will focus on choices & well-being. We began this week by working together as a class to unscramble our central idea: The choices people make affect their health and well-being. This is an important process for us as we begin to make sense of important concepts and ideas.


This week Nurse Ann was a guest speaker in our classroom and shared with us the importance of taking responsibility for our personal well-being. She shared with us how bacteria and viruses can really make us sick and, most importantly, how we can protect ourselves from those nasty germs. We then enjoyed a great book, “Germs Make Me Sick”, and we all agreed it’s important to wash our hands with soap and water, protect our Tzone, and cover our coughs and sneezes.


As we begin to make sense of these ideas of health and choices, we tap into our own knowledge and share these with each other. We then take some time to record our ideas in our Unit of Inquiry notebooks.


We had our first sharing assembly this week. We enjoyed greeting each other in various languages with the help of our Grade 4 friends; heard more about hand washing from Nurse Ann; enjoyed a great read-a-loud by Mr. Nick and Ms. Robin; and learned a new song about being friends!


We have all been practicing how to make healthy food choices during lunch and now we’ll be learning a simple healthy recipe every Friday alongside our Grade 5 Learning Buddies. This week we used one ingredient, watermelon, and made Watermelon Juice. We recorded the ingredients and instructions and we will be working on making a healthy recipe book!


We loved the sweet Watermelon Juice and we are looking forward to our next recipe.


Every Friday, we end our day together with Yoga. We are learning how Yoga helps us find a balance and we are all really enjoying it.

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