Passion for learning

Passion for learning

This past week we welcomed two new students who are adapting progressively to their new environment and routine. A few tears during these days and lots of guidance for our new students to support their learning of the ground rules and a few more things which will help them become more independent. 




Our returning students are acting as big brothers and sisters and they are being very supportive with the new ones. They are trying to help, to show them where things are, which materials they can explore, and get tissues for their new friends when they cry. One of our girls was pointing to her new friend’s family picture in her attempt to comfort her. Isn’t it sweet? They are being very caring and principled.


Last week was full of activities. We had our first walk to the library where children were engaged reading by themselves or to their friends. After that we checked out some books for our classroom, the students were very excited. Additionally we have our reading time everyday after recess, where children gather quietly together on the rug and read a book of their choice until we are all ready for an assembly before lunch.






Ms. Lauren came – as every Friday – to teach us some new songs and movements. Our new students were fascinated! Also we had our first food testing activity where we learn and taste grapes.


Ms. Jessica rescued a snail which is now part of our Bamboo family. Children are learning to take care of it and every now and then it goes for a walk around its tray. “Where are you snail?” 


These days are mostly about creating a comfortable environment for the new students and ground rules. A feeling of safety and love to prompt them to explore and learn later on.

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Popular songs: Hot potato; Little feather; Baby shark; Old McDonald. 

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