International Peace Day!

International Peace Day!

We had quite an eventful short school week. We kicked off our week learning about Mexican Independence Day celebrated in Mexico on September 16th. We made connections about what the colors on a flag represent and realized that people of every country are hopeful for a peaceful future. We shared our ideas about what freedom means. IMG_1148



We shared our narrative writing pieces with each other. We loved to hear each other’s stories and share a positive comment about our friend’s writing. We will soon be sharing our writing pieces with younger friends. IMG_1227

This week we talked about other types of measurement, specifically one we use all the time, but not realize it…time. We discussed how many many years ago clocks and watches did not exist and people used the sun and moon to tell time. We then went into days, months, years.


International Peace Day is celebrated on September 21st and we were happy to share in on the celebration from our corner of the world. We made peace ribbons with our wishes for a peaceful world. These were then hung on our school wide peace tree!

IMG_1234 IMG_1233 IMG_1232 IMG_1231

IMG_1230We had a beautiful school wide assembly to celebrate Peace Day as  a community.


A special thank you to Steven who put so much effort in his Peace Day mandala, it truly represents our colorful world!



We have started an amazing peace project with our Grade 5 Learning Buddies that we hope will be a constant reminder for us to work for PEACE!

img_5867.jpg img_5866.jpg


We wrapped up our week with another simple healthy recipe. In lieu of Mexico’s Independence Day we learned how to make guacamole! The main ingredient of guacamole is avocado. We dipped into it with tortilla chips and most of us absolutely loved it.

IMG_1226 IMG_1225 IMG_1224 IMG_1223



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