Getting ready…

Getting ready…








We are getting ready to prepare our summative project for our first unit of inquiry “Who We Are”, as part of our literacy block we are preparing “Monologues” to share our learning…stay tuned!IMG_7096 2

Math is always fun and this week we worked with volume and conversions…



We also tried to keep sharpening our Math skills!


During Chinese Mother Tongue with Ms. Hailey we focused on analyzing the personality of Linchong to see which attribute of the learner profile he might get as a hero. We also published our Love poems!


This week we learned about the importance of taking care of the three areas of our being: physical, emotional and intellectual. Understanding disciplines such as Yoga and Tai Chi can help us in these three aspects.


We had a guest, Mr. Abel, who is Ms. Cecilia’s and Ms. Jessica’s Tai Chi teacher. He shared some basic Tai Chi moves, we loved it!



Tom was very courageous when Mr. Abel invited one of us to do the flow of the steps with him!


We enjoyed our PYP assembly and loved the song that our Second Grade friends shared with us, a great reminder to be in the moment… “Living in the moment”!


And for our last recipe we were very open-minded and tried a juice made with fruits and vegetables…who would have thought that a juice that includes spinach could be sooo yummy!


We wrote the ingredients and steps in our recipe book…


We tasted the juice…and we loved it!


After tasting it, we wrote our reflection about our experience with the fruit-vegetable juice!


In Grade 5 we are constantly working on becoming the best version of ourselves. We are very proud of Charlotte, Alex and Jimmy for their constant effort in demonstrating the 10 attributes of our learner profile!







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