Tai Chi!

Tai Chi!

We kicked off our week by taking some time to celebrate the Mid-Autumn Festival. We enjoyed a short retelling of the legend of Chang-E and had a snack picnic outdoors.


We have been enjoying the various activities during our Literacy Block. Everyday we practice the four domains of language: listening, speaking, reading, and writing.


We are learning how to balance our math time. We appreciate cooperating and sharing our ideas, and also value our individual progress. This week our friend Avery was very excited about figuring out how to measure the length of the short and long intestines!


For our first unit of inquiry we really learned to help our minds concentrate and relax by working on mandalas. We all look forward to a new mandala each week.


We have unscrambled our second and third lines of inquiry. We are researching and learning more about our bodies so that we can understand the importance of our choices for good health.


In Ms. Gloria’s Chinese class we had a guest speaker, a dentist from Qingdao Kai Tai ENT Hospital. She spoke to us about the importance of taking care of our teeth and other information such as how many teeth we have!


We had the opportunity to learn Tai Chi from Mr. Abel. It was a great experience as Tai Chi started here in China and it offers great health benefits.

IMG_7097 IMG_7099 IMG_7099


Our last simple healthy recipe of the unit was a vegetable & fruit juice. We were initially hesitant about tying it due to the mixture of ingredients and it’s GREEN color. However, we were reminded of one of our favorite Dr. Seuss’ books Green Eggs and Ham and decided to be open-minded and give it a try! Ms. Cecilia & Ms. Jessica brought their juice extractor to mix the following healthy ingredients: cucumber, carrot, spinach, grapefruit, orange, and lemon.

IMG_7102 HEY! We were pleasantly surprised that most of us really loved the healthy green juice. CHEERS!


We wrapped our week with another great sharing assembly. We were courageous and went on stage to sing our unit of inquiry song “Living in the moment!”


We truly believe in a holistic education and that’s why our Friday yoga class has become an important way to close our week together. Namaste!



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