Unit Celebration and International Day!

Unit Celebration and International Day!


What an amazing week we had! We started getting ready for our Unit Celebration, finalizing  the last details for our Wellness Fair was a great way to start our week!img_7672.jpg

Measurement was our Math strand for this first unit, learning about volume, capacity and conversions was interesting and fun!



We love our Yoga class, it helps us to practice mindfulness.


Learning from each other is always fun. Some of our friends took the time to practice their learning by sharing with the rest of the class how to do the Sun Salutation and some Breathing exercises…



This week we also started our Reading Buddies with Peony class!


In preparation for our Monologue presentations, we had two wonderful guests who helped us with some tips about how to improve our oral presentation skills. Thank you Mr. Rafael and Ms. Lauren for your wonderful insight!



We presented to one another our Monologues about our respective Well-being areas: Physical, Emotional and Intellectual self!


Last touches to our silhouettes…


During our PYP Sharing Assembly, our friends from Grade 2 shared some of the Yoga Asanas they are learning, Magnolia class shared a movement activity and we shared a meditation with all our friends, it was a balanced and peaceful community moment!


We concluded our first unit of inquiry, Who We Are, with a celebration with our parents where we shared our Monologues about Well-being for our Physical, Emotional and Intellectual selves…



Following our sharing, we invited our school community to attend our first Wellness Fair. In collaboration with Grades 2 and 4 we presented different aspects to support our Well-being. Thank you to our QAIS and Baishan community for your participation and support!





Celebrating Diversity during International Day was a great way to close a wonderful and eventful week!


We are very proud of our friends who are constantly working on becoming a better version of themselves, keep it up guys!



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