Learning to listen. Learning to live together.

Learning to listen. Learning to live together.

What busy weeks we have had! So many things have happened. Children came back from their holidays with lots of stories to tell (whether they are true or not it seems they had so much fun). We hope you all had fun together.

Our group is becoming a small family, our students are already working and learning in harmony.



We have introduced collaborative activities such as this collage that we all made under the Autumn Theme after collecting some leaves from outside.



We celebrated the Mid Autumn Festival with the story of the legend behind it. Afterwards the children baked delicious moon cakes to eat and share with staff and students around the school. Sharing is caring!



We love that the weather is still offering us opportunities to explore and run free outside. Fresh grass, dragonflies, butterflies and a secret garden discovery with huge pumpkins. Our open playground area provides enough space to practice gross motor skills.



We joined the Sharing Assembly last Friday where everyone practiced yoga and did a movement activity.



Ms. Lauren came to the class with new songs and our toddlers loved singing new songs and those they already know. We were also invited to the Wellness Fair hosted by Grades 2, 4 and 5, although we only had a chance to visit the second grade classroom. Children learnt about germs, healthy food, and brushing teeth. It is really interesting how they make connections!



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