How We Organize Ourselves

How We Organize Ourselves

Reflection is an important step in our learning. We identified what we learned about ourselves and our classmates in sharing our personal artifacts. We self-reflected about the attributes we each displayed this unit and the ones we really want to focus on for the next unit. For each unit we also change seats so that we may have the opportunity to work with different people. IMG_6178

Our new unit of inquiry is How We Organize Ourselves: Roles in the Community. To kick off our unit we were challenged with a team building activity. We sat in a circle with our new table members and had to work together to hold a crayon between our fingers. Initially it was quite hard, but after some time we started learning form the experience and shared our insights. We acknowledged the importance of each member playing a role in keeping the crayons from falling, working together, and making eye contact was important.


In our continued journey to grow as readers and writers we started learning how to work in Literacy Circles. Each member has a role each day: summarizer, discussion director, word wizard, illustrator, and character artist. We read together first and then each member does his or her role.


We appreciate our weekly yoga time. We can feel how practicing together is helping us to be more mindful of ourselves and each other.


We also had fun presenting our reader’s theater to our Grade 5 Learning Buddies. This time we focused on using our voice, reading with expression, and acting. Please click on the links below to take a look!



Readers Theater 1

Readers Theater 2

Readers Theater 3

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