It’s winter time

Winter has suddenly arrived to Qingdao. I guess because of that, the Christmas spirit has also invaded us. We have decorated our little Christmas tree (and class) and changed some of our art trays with holiday work like this DIY Christmas ball decoration, and Christmas lights cord.



Our sensorial table has also changed to white rice, blueish beads, and polar animals. Pouring, imaginary play, closing and opening containers, but principally a great sensorial experience which includes sound and texture.


Children continue enjoying activities to strengthen their muscles and coordinate eyes and hands.


In music Ms. Lauren introduced the concept of orchestra and children happily played the triangles and xylophone. They also practiced the Winter show choreography and they are doing pretty well already!


And lastly, here are a few pictures of our greeting circle. We sing the good morning song, as I explained in the past blog post, and then we greet each child one by one. After that, they put the card in the whiteboard and go back to the rug. When everyone is done, we read, sing, or play. Well, sometimes children themselves want to do this work and want to greet their friends. Wonderful progress with their emotional and social development.


PS. I realized that in my previous post I pasted the link with that great article about toilet training, but I didn´t link it with the website. I already corrected it and I am adding the link again here for your convenience.

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