How We Express Ourselves!

How We Express Ourselves!

In Grade 5 we consistently  develop our reading and writing skills. Working with our Literacy Circles also helps us to understand and respond from different perspectives!img_2652.jpg


We continue building community in our class, and we are learning more and more to collaborate and work together! Our Yoga class is also helping us to become more balanced.img_2653.jpg

During Math we are learning to become better note-takers and to organize the concepts, processes and exploration with our new strand… Fractions!


Reviewing what we know about fractions…


And exploring fractions in real life…


For our new unit of inquiry, How We Express Ourselves, our provocation was to recognize and identify different logos from a variety of brands and social media. We worked together to find out the lines of inquiry that will be leading our leaning for this unit…


What is a clear logo? What do you see? What is evident to your eyes?



After exploring with some clear logos we decided to be thinkers and create our own logo…


To express our holiday spirit, we worked together to decorate our classroom!


And like the quote says: “Separate we are unique individuals. Together we are one colorful creation”










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