Merry  Christmas

Merry Christmas

Hard to believe four months of school have already passed by. Our last two weeks of the year have gone fast and so many things have happened.

Snowflakes falling through the air, in my face, in my hair… (the last song we learned). Snow surprised us early last week and turned our day into a special moment to learn about weather changes and inquire about the stages of water. Such a fun time shared with friends!




Children loved the new activities under the winter/Christmas theme. They are motivated to try and by doing so, they practice fine motor skills, coordination and enrich their creativity and imagination.





This week we had Luna’s mom as a guest who came to read Luna’s favorite book “Where is Spot?” Thank you! Ms. Jessica also shared her winter book “The Mitten” which kept everyone engaged. In our music class we have been practicing for the Winter Show. These kids are courageous and very funny! Let’s dance!



The magnetic tiles are offering us wonderful moments fir children enriching their friendship by working together. In fact, collaborative work is a big step for toddlers who are usually more into parallel work. These kids are growing up!


Some pictures of self-caring activities (funny moment of Luna trying to clip on her hair our bird toy), and community service such as this snack preparation for the group, washing dishes, or this cleaning team all focused on their commitment.




On Thursday, our little friend Helena turned 2 and and we celebrated her journey together with her parents. Happy birthday!


And lastly, thank you all for joining us in such a special moment as it has been our Winter Show. For most of our students it has been their first time performing for the audience and they have shined!


Bamboo Cottage wishes you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year 2019! See you soon.


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