Welcome 2019!

Welcome 2019!

Happy 2019! Welcome back, after our winter break we came back ready to create a vision board for 2019! Sharing our dreams, hopes and goals for 2019 was a great start for our second semester!!!

As part of our continuing activities on building community, we cleaned up our room and got it ready to add some decorations for our upcoming celebrations!

We reconnected with our reading buddies from Peony Cottage!

Continuing our unit of inquiry, How We Express Ourselves, we analyzed some images from kids around the world and the food they eat. It was a provoking activity to help us better understand how to interpret images and messages, one of our lines of inquiry.

We  worked with Fractions and Number Properties and Number lines during our Math lessons!


As part of our Literacy Block we are learning how to express our opinions and build arguments about different topics. We are learning how to agree to disagree in an organized way! Learning ¬†how to participate in a debate… stay tuned!

Every Heart has a story to tell! Creating our own videos to tell our story…coming soon!

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