Happy 2019!

Happy 2019!

Happy new year everyone. Hoping that you had a great time over the break, we are excited to be back and resume our routine. Children returned as happy as can be looking around for new activities.

Since time flies by, we’ve already set up a few activities related with the Chinese New Year. The legend of the Nian has been introduced to the children and it will be the principal storytelling for the next few weeks. We are also learning the alphabet and the Chinese zodiac through a few matching activities.


We have been learning about the water cycle, observing the change of liquid to solid by introducing a few containers with water in the freezer and letting them melt again afterwards. Children were so into it!



Magnetic tiles always offer beautiful moments of team work and creativity. Emma and Yi have been exploring other possibilities. In the group picture bellow we have Luna asking about what they are doing, while Kody remains in the distance quietly observing and learning other ways to place the tiles. After the girls move away, Kody takes the work and practices by himself.


And finally, we have welcomed two new students who seem to enjoy the setting very much.



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