Last two weeks!

Last two weeks!

We’ve been busy for the past two weeks in Grade 5! We worked on our opinion writing to learn how to build arguments and develop some debate skills… 

An we used our notes to have a small debate in our class…agree to disagree?

As a community we are always working on finding ways to support each other. We love working with different partners. We challenged ourselves to develop a “Growth Mindset” that will help us to continue working on becoming a better version of ourselves!

Images and messages? Our responsibility as producers of social media? Our theme song for this unit is Every Heart by Sara Haze and we are very excited to create our own videos for the song. Stay tuned to see our different perspectives…

We love learning about Fractions, Common Factors and Greatest Common Factor!

Collaboration is a key element in our class. We are working together to create a comic about our class! Four different versions… coming soon!

We loved our Ski Trip! Having fun with our friends in the snow was a great way to close our week! Thank you Ms. Grace and Ms. Meg for sharing these lovely photos of our trip!

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