The Earth goes around the Sun…

The Earth goes around the Sun…

It has been quite the two weeks! Teachers and students have been missing school, but we have tried to maintain the routine as much as possible. For this reason I want to first, thank my team Suzy and Jessica, for their great work despite all adversity and my absence. Such talented teachers!           Collage 2019-01-29 12_54_18

Our beloved friends Luna and Daphne turned 3 and 2 respectively. We celebrated their journey following the Montessori tradition, where the child walks around the Sun to symbolize each year of life. As simple as beautiful, isn’t it?


This week we’ll perform again to celebrate the Chinese New Year, and these children have practiced with Ms. Suzy a couple of songs. Getting ready for the show!  We hope to see you all there.


Music class – the yellow day on our calendar! – was fun. Ms. Lauren brought lots of new and interesting instruments; we read a book, added music to the story, and we danced new songs.



Art activities which cover play dough, gluing, cutting, coloring, and the new water color tray.



Children engaged in activities to practice eye hand coordination and fine motor skills, such as opening and closing containers, transferring water…



…. or stacking tubes. This was an interesting moment to observe. Children used to stack the tubes on the blue mat, from a 2D perspective. Then one child tried to stack them vertically and build towers, a 3D perspective. Other children observed this new way to work and since then, everyone wants to try building vertically.


Routine explained through images: children get a tray of their choice, sit and work. When they finish, they put away their work, replace the paper on the tray, and put the tray back on the shelf, ready for a friend to use.


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