Leprechauns and gold!

Leprechauns and gold!

St. Patrick day was celebrated across the world on March 17th, so we had a greenish theme last week. Leprechauns and lucky clovers everywhere, as you can see!

If you hear your child talking about O’DonPa, that is our Leprechaun friend who is very naughty and likes to play hide and seek around the class. He is looking for our gold!

During the past weeks children have shown engagement in new activities, books, and songs.

The group is becoming stronger and children are helping each other with joy. Children enjoy spending time together, working and creating collaboratively. Such a great way to develop language at the same time!

We have had a few events happening at school lately, such as Literacy Week where children were part of a school story creation. They chose the characters for a story that other grades would tasked to develop. We loved the storytelling led by Megan, a professional storyteller who kept everyone engaged in the story from beginning to end.

March 8th was Women’s Day and I want to acknowledge my team, Ms. Suzy and Ms. Jessica who did an incredible job during my absence. They are my wonder women!

We celebrated our friend David on his 2nd birthday last Friday. Such a memorable moment shared with friends and his family. Happy birthday, David!

And to conclude this post, we want to share this video (first time trying this!) of these four girls singing with all their strength the “Happy Birthday” song. For the past few months we have had a lot of birthdays so they get really excited when another birthday approaches – this time David’s and Yi’s. As you can see, they are mastering the English, Chinese and Spanish versions. So funny!

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  • So many lovely experiences…thank you Bamboo!

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