Spring is in the air!!

Spring is in the air!!

“A child, more than anyone else, is a spontaneous observer of nature” – Maria Montessori.

Dear Plum Blossom Parents,
With Spring in the air the flowers are beginning to bloom on the trees and the children have been excitiedly observing the changes happening in our school environment. We have been watching the plants beginning to sprout in our classroom and we are excited to start planting vegetables and flowers in our Inquiry Garden outside in the next few weeks.

This week we welcomed Tian-Tian, our newest member of the Plum Blossom class. She has settled in so well and has made many new friends who have been excited to show her around and teach her the routines of our class. It has been amazing to observe the compassionate and caring way the children have helped our new children.

For our Unit of Inquiry on Relationships, we have been completing work on our family trees. All children have created their own tree, and there has been rich and interesting conversations between children as they share photos of their families. Some of our older children also engaged in writing about times they spend with friends and family. They chose a favorite memory of a special day, on a trip or vacation with the people they love and drew pictures to illustrate them. Our writers are becoming confident and enthusiastic story-tellers!

We hope you have a wonderful weekend, and very much look forward to seeing you all at our unit Celebration on Tuesday 2nd April at 13:45 in our classroom.
See you then, Ms Emma, Ms Kristen and Ms Daisy

“孩子能更早的感知大自然,因为他们是大自然的观察者” – 玛丽亚蒙台梭利。




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  • This is wonderful! There are so many examples of work in every area of the classroom. Beautiful!

    Jamie Reply

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