We are reaching the end of our unit of inquiry, How We Express Ourselves, and this week we focused on wrapping up our summative projects in preparation for our upcoming unit celebration. We started by sharing with our team our individual interpretation of our respective stories.


After sharing we split up in smaller groups to bring to life our stories in 3D. We loved using our creativity and imagination and especially working with our friends. We were very pleased with our final products and cannot wait to share them at our unit celebration! This was truly a collaborative team effort.

We had so much fun using florescent paint to brighten up our t-shirts that we’ll be using for a surprise for our unit celebration. We look forward to sharing all our learning with our supportive parents next week!

What an AMAZING PYP musical put together by our talented peers and Arts Department! We had many good laughs and are very proud of all our courageous friends…a special shout out to our Grade 5 Learning Buddies who participated. HONK!

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  • Lovely! I add my congratulations to all the Honk performers!!! Honk, honk, honk!

    Jamie Reply

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