Emotions and Feelings

Emotions and Feelings

Dear Plum Blossom Parents, 亲爱的梅花班的家长您好,

This week we began our new unit of inquiry which is all about Emotions and Feelings.  本周我们开始了新的探究单元,关于情绪和感情。

The transdisciplinary theme is ‘How We Express Ourselves” and the central idea is: ‘WE EXPRESS OUR THOUGHTS AND FEELINGS IN MANY DIFFERENT WAYS”.  其主题是“我们如何表达自己”,核心思想是:“我们用许多不同的方式来表达我们的思想和感受”。

Here is our UNIT LETTER for you to view and download. Please pay special attention to the ‘vocabulary list’ as it gives you words you can use at home to help your child express their thoughts and feelings. 我们通过阅读有关不同情感的书籍开始“调整”到新单位,并讨论当你遇到困难时或者不顺心时,你感受愤怒,恐惧或悲伤等情绪是很正常的.

We started ‘tuning in’ to the new unit by reading lots of books about different feelings, and discussed how it is very normal to feel emotions like anger, fear, or sadness when things do not go our way, or when we have to do something difficult. We talked about how our bodies feel different… our heart beats faster when we are angry, our tummy does somersaults when we are nervous, our heart feels heavy when we are sad. When we feel excited we sometimes feel ‘bubbly or tingly’ inside, when we are happy we can feel light and floaty. 我们谈及到了我们的身体是如何感觉不同的情绪……当我们生气时,我们的心跳加快,当我们紧张时,我们的肚子会感到不适,当我们伤心时,我们的心会感到沉重。 当我们感到兴奋时,我们有时会感到振奋人心,当我们开心时,我们会感到轻松和雀跃。

The children really enjoyed the pop-up book ‘The Color Monster’ by Anna Llenas. We began to talk about how colors can depict certain feelings. Green can be calm and relaxing, black can be scary, red can show anger, yellow can be happy and cheerful… maybe you can think of other connections between colors and feelings and share them at home? 孩子们非常喜欢立体书“The Color Monster”,我们开始谈论颜色如何描绘某些感受。 绿色可以让你感到平静和放松,黑色代表害怕,黄色可以代表快乐和愉快…也许您可以在家里与您的孩子一同分享您所想到颜色和感觉之间的其他联系。

Connecting to our year-long unit on LIVING THINGS, we began a Chinese language book unit based on one of our children’s favorite stories, ‘The Very Hungry Caterpillar’ by Eric Carle. The children are bringing the story to life through role-play and art. They first sculpted each character and prop from clay, made large-scale paper costumes and have just started sewing props, costumes and painting scenery. It has been wonderful to see them explore the many ways we can express a story through the visual and performing arts.  我们为期一年的“生物”单元,通过Eric Carle的“好饿好饿的毛毛虫,我们开展了孩子们最喜欢的中文故事这一单元,孩子们通过角色扮演和绘画的形式将故事变为现实。 他们首先用粘土雕刻每个角色和道具,制作大型纸制服装,并开始缝制道具,服装和绘画背景。 看到他们通过许多的方式运用视觉和表演艺术来表达故事内容,真是太棒了啊!

In the Math area children have been demonstrating focus and perseverance. Using the long bead chains to skip count by 5 or 7 is a challenging work that requires a great deal of order, control, independence and concentration. By connecting with this material they gain a concrete sense of multiplication and gives the child other means of counting other than by one. It has been wonderful to see the children working on these materials independently and in pairs.  在数学领域,孩子们一直在表现出专注和坚持不懈的精神。 他们使用5或7的长珠链跳数,这是一项具有挑战性的工作,需要大量的控制,独立性和专注力。 通过操作这类教具他们为乘法打下基础,以及提供了除了一个之外的其他计数方法。 看到孩子们独立或结伴的使用这些教具真是太棒了。

In all areas of our classroom, you can see our children’s naturally inquisitive spirit at work. We introduced some new materials to the language and sensorial shelves this week that sparked a great deal of curiosity. We hope you enjoy seeing these images of your children at work this week, as they truly capture the peaceful focused attention the children have with the materials in the environment. 在教室的所有区域,您都可以看到孩子们在工作中自发的好奇心。 本周我们为语言和感官区域添加了一些新的教具,这激发了孩子们的好奇心。 我们希望您喜欢本周孩子们在专注工作的照片。

Have a wonderful weekend! 祝您周末愉快!Ms. Emma, Ms Kristen & Ms Daisy

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