Agency in Grade 2!

Agency in Grade 2!

Children’s Day is celebrated in Mexico on April 30th. We all wrote and illustrated on a paper foot all the happy reasons of being a child…our happy journey….may we always nurture our inner child as we continue to grow and learn in this shared journey!

WOW! What a way to demonstrate agency (taking action). A few of our classmates started a project of writing and illustrating their own books and creating a “recess library.” The books range from leveled readers to books for fun. Our friend Rachel took the initiative to go home and prepare a box to organize the books and carry them from the classroom to the playground everyday!

We went on a field trip to our local beach for a clean-up. We collected trash for an art project we will do with Mr. Kutin. A few Grade 5 friends joined the cause as part of their action plan for Exhibition. We were very sad to find so much trash, but were happy we could do our part in helping the environment and the friendly crabs we met that day.

After our beach clean-up and soaking up the sun we took some time to write from our own perspectives about our experience. We all felt proud of ourselves for taking action and helping our local environment and marine life.

It’s important to remember that we all have a shared responsibility to make positive choices everyday, in order to have a beautiful and healthy planet for all!

We love the learning community we continue to build daily!

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