Exploring Emotions

Exploring Emotions

In support of inquiring into how we express our feelings, this week has been all about how our faces and bodies depict them. We invited our children to look at a mirror while trying to mimic an emotion and  encouraged them to notice how their face changes. We sang a new song,’ You can tell how I feel, when you look at my face’ and enjoyed making all sorts of surprised, silly, scared, happy, sad, shy and sleepy faces !! 本周我们用面部和身体的描述来探究如何表达自己的感受。我们邀请孩子们通过看镜子里的自己试图模仿同一种情绪,并鼓励他们关注自己的脸是如何变化的。我们唱了一首新歌“当你看着我的脸时,你可以知道我的感受。”并享受着做出各种惊讶,愚蠢,害怕,高兴,悲伤,害羞,和困倦的脸。

We all stood stiff like uncooked noodles and then let our bodies loose and flappy representing cooked noodles. We tensed and relaxed our muscles with the Noodle Game, by saying ’ Lets all be tense and now relax’. We discussed how our bodies changed with different emotions and feelings.   我们都像生面条一样僵硬地站着,然后让我们的身体松松垮垮垮的代表熟面条。“面条游戏”让我们的肌肉绷紧、放松,并说着:“让一切都紧张,现在放松。”我们讨论了我们的身体如何随着不同的情感和感受而变化。

Reading to myself !! Can you tell about my feeling ?
I CAN READ !!! Can you tell how that feels ?

Some children expressed themselves through the ‘Five Spring Flowers Poem’ while others got immersed in finger painting. Some snuggled to share a warm group hug and some took time out to feed Turdy, our turtle. Our days are incomplete without singing and dancing, we enjoyed being silly with our body movements and also moved to tunes of the famous classics, ‘If you’re happy and you know it’ and ‘The Hokey Pokey’. 一些孩子通过“‘Five Spring Flowers Poem’”来表达自己,而另一些孩子则沉浸在手指画中。一些孩子们依偎在一起,一起温暖的拥抱,一些孩子抽出时间去喂我们的乌龟。我们的日子没有唱歌和跳舞是不完整的,我们喜欢有趣的身体运动,也喜欢著名的经典歌曲的曲调,‘If you’re happy and you know it’ 和 ‘The Hokey Pokey’.

‘Five Spring Flowers’ Poem
Does my facial expression tell you about my feeling ?
Can you guess, how I feel when I get the chance to feed the turtle and watch closely ?
‘Nothing is more fun than to snuggle up with friends and experience a warm group hug’
I express my responsibility by sharpening the pencils.

In the coming weeks, we will continue to inquire into our unit on ‘Feelings and Emotions’ through discussions and activities which will foster individual creativity and how different feelings can be related to colors and lines. 在接下来的几周,我们将继续通过讨论和活动来探讨我们的“感觉和情绪”的单元,这将有助于培养个人的创造力以及将不同的情绪如何与颜色和线条相关联。

When we express ourselves we communicate our feelings or ideas through speech, writing, some form of art, or behavior. We invite you to ask your children about their emotional experiences as they learn to identify their feelings as well as interpret thoughts and ideas of others. 当我们表达自己时,我们通过言语、写作、某种形式的艺术或行为来表达我们的感受或想法。我们邀请您询问您的孩子关于他们的情感体验,因为他们学会了识别自己的感受以及理解他人的想法。

by Ms. Ruby Kalsi and Bella Liu, EC Peony Co lead teachers.

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