Happy Mother’s Day!

Happy Mother’s Day!

This week in our Literacy Block we worked on a 5 day Growth Mindset Challenge. We discussed that a fixed mindset is having a closed mind that doesn’t want to learn. However, a growth mindset is a having an open-mind that embraces challenges and sees experiences as opportunities for growth.

We discussed and brainstormed how humans are affecting Earth and thought about how we can make better choices. For example, doing a beach clean-up so that less trash ends up in our oceans.

In math we are focusing on understanding what multiplication is. We discussed how it’s not enough to just “memorize” the multiplication facts, but really understand how multiplication and addition go together. We used our multiplication board and golden beads to explore how multiplication is repeated addition.

A special thank you to our friends from Grade 7 who donated books for our classroom library. These are the stories they shared with us a few weeks ago and now with illustrations.

In our learning space we take time to recognize our emotions and most importantly how to not let them get the better of us. We have a space where we can freely write about our fears, disgusts, anger, sadness, and joy. In doing so we are able to live in the present moment and learn to let go of what no longer helps us. On Fridays we read aloud all the joyful moments and they always make us smile!

We took some time to make thoughtful messages for our beautiful moms. We appreciate all your support and love! Please click on the link below for our heart felt messages.

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