Happy Mother’s Day!

Happy Mother’s Day!

To all the moms, we hope you enjoyed your special Sunday in the company of your beloved children. They happily created a poster for you last week, with milk and a few drops of food coloring. The children first dyed watercolor paper and next stamped a message. Messy, but most definitely fun!

The latest materials incorporated to our shelves have been sea animals with which the children can work visual discrimination and learn vocabulary simultaneously.

In our food tasting activity, we have learnt about kiwis and dragon fruit. Children learn to take turns and wait patiently; they learn vocabulary related with senses such as visual, smell, and taste. This is also a great activity to introduce and encourage students to try new foods or to give another chance to that food that they didn’t like the first time around.

The sense of community is strong, principally at this time of the year. Children offer their help to others, they observe each other closely and start to interact with one another which leads to friendship. They are delighted being the helper of the day and accomplishing daily activities such as preparing the snack, polishing a window, or scrubbing and cleaning a table (well, anything that has water is always attractive to them!)

Helena washing her nails and peeling an egg
Dancing “We are the dinosaurs”
Children loved our flour sensory table!!

And as in any other community, conflicts sometimes happen. In Bamboo Cottage we foster communication and forgiveness. When a conflict arises, we take the time to sit with both children involved , and give them the time and space to cry if they need to. We slowly guide them to calm down by breathing in and out. Once both children are ready to listen, we ask one by one to explain what happened, and give them the time to answer. It is important that they feel they are heard. When everyone has expressed their perspective, we reflect on all those feelings (anger, sadness, frustration…) and guide them through other ways to communicate instead of using physical contact or disrespectful behavior. Then we focus our attention on all the positive feelings and highlight the power of their friendship and the love they have for each other. (I wish I could have more pictures of these moments, but they are quite tricky to snap)

Children find the balance between independent work and collaborative activities such as making play-dough on Mondays, sharing the rug to read books, or drawing on the whiteboard.

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