Exhibition Preview!

Exhibition Preview!

WE MUST BE HEROES! May 29, 2019. Here is a preview of our Exhibition… stay tuned!

We’ve been working together for the past 7 weeks on our Grade 5 PYP Exhibition, the culminating project of our PYP journey! The day finally came after a year long process, in which we learned valuables lessons, such as, “if we want to go far, we better go together!” We have definitely walked every step of this journey together and now it’s time to celebrate ourselves as learners! The best is yet to come!

We are very proud of our hard work and very thankful for our Mentors who have supported us every step of the way  for the past 7 weeks!

We proudly presented our Exhibition previews to our PYP friends during the Sharing Assembly we hosted!


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  • Wow! Amazing!!
    Greetings from Mexico.

    Carolina Reply
  • It looks AWESOME!! Good luck on May 29th, keep us posted!
    San Antonio, TX

    Cristina de la garza Reply
  • Beautiful!!!

    Alicia Sierra Reply
  • Amazing. If the preview is so awesome then how will the final product look. All the best and greetings from Mumbai, India.
    Asheka Tenzin, MYP Principal Edubridge International School

    Asheka Tenzin Reply
  • Awesome!! All the best!
    From – Maya Mhatre PYP and MYP Hindi Teacher & Assistant Examination Officer, Mumbai India

    Maya Mhatre Reply
  • It’s been a pleasure to be a part of this amazing journey. Looking forward to your big day Grade 5…you’ll shine bright! Qingdao, China

    Jessica Reply
  • Congratulations Grade 5! Your project already looks amazing! I can’t wait to see the final exhibition. I remember all of you fondly. Best of luck from London, GB

    Carmina Gonzalez Reply
  • Keep up the good work! Congratulations

    Monterrey, México

    Nora Reply
  • Very good work 🙂
    Greetings from Mexico

    Teresa Reply
  • This is so cool! Congrats to everyone!

    Greetings from Aguascalientes, Mexico.

    Hugo Salas Reply
  • Wow! I loved it, looks awesome.
    Hello From México

    Sandra Garza Reply
  • Such an innovative and Amazing learning experience. Keep it up. Love from India

    Preeti Reply
  • Innovative and with fresh amazing talents. Love from India

    Preeti Reply
  • You all are incredibly talented Grade 5. Thank you for sharing this journey with us. Best of luck this Wednesday. We’ll be there.
    Next door, Qingdao. China

    Helena Reply
  • Such an amazing process to witness and be a part of!

    Robin Reply
  • I am sure you had a wonderful exhibition! What amazing work you accomplished! Here, in Falls Church, VA, USA, our 5th graders will be presenting their exhibition today, too! Our transdisciplinary theme is Who we Are!

    Alicia Reply
  • I love the funny vibe of the video!!! Congrats on such an amazing work and goals!!! Keep it up, you are doing a fantastic job for our planet, it’s really inspiring.

    Karina Lozano MX Reply
  • Wow!!! congrats Ceci! the project looks amazing!!! How did the presentation go?
    Big hugs from Mexico!!!!

    Gabriela Reply
  • It is inspirational to see young students with so much enthusiasm for learning. I will be sharing this with my students.

    Ximena Del Corral Smith Reply
  • Hi to all PYP 5th grade at Qingdao Amerasia!
    Great job! It’s been nice to see the teamwork you all did with Teacher Cecilia. CONGRATULATIONS HEROES! We all can change for better our WORLD!!
    Greetings from India

    Maribi 7 May Reply

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