‘Can you tell how I feel, when you look at my face’

‘Can you tell how I feel, when you look at my face’

Dear Parents, It’s difficult to believe that we are coming towards the end of another term and an academic school year. Just as how we as teachers are busy planning and preparing for the various upcoming events and activities, our children are too. The sun has been shining down on children these days and outdoor playtimes have been louder and longer. 爱的家长们,很难相信我们即将结束下一个学期和一个学年。正如我们老师忙于计划和准备各种即将到来的事情和活动,我们的孩子也是。这些天,阳光一直照射在孩子们身上,户外玩耍的时间也越来越长。

During the morning work cycle, work was out from most curriculum areas of the classroom. Some older children showed great team spirit as they worked cooperatively making their own Continent Maps and learning about the world; how continents comprise of many countries was the main point of consciousness. Some got busy learning names of new shapes and some others continued their exploration with the many Math and Sensorial materials. 在上午的工作周期中,一些年龄较大的孩子表现出了很好的团队精神,他们合作绘制自己的大陆地图,了解世界以及世界上许多国家是如何组成的,这是他们的主要意识点。一些孩子忙着学习新形状的名字,另一些继续他们的数学和感官材料的工作。

In the past few weeks in Art, we introduced weaving, origami and sewing. Some younger children have expressed much focus and interest in these activities. Children also explored different kinds of lines and shapes as they created faces showing different emotions through the prepared assorted materials. Few children also began creating cut outs inspired by the famous french artist, Henri Matisse. Naming their cut out was of most interest to them.在过去几周的艺术方面,我们介绍了编织、折纸和缝纫。一些年龄较小的孩子对这些活动表现出了极大的关注和兴趣。孩子们还探索了不同的线条和形状,他们通过准备好的各种各样的材料创造出表现不同情绪的面孔。受法国著名艺术家亨利·马蒂斯(Henri Matisse)的启发,也有一些孩子开始创作剪纸。他们最感兴趣的是给自己剪裁的作品命名。

We continued our inquiry on our Emotions and Feelings unit and spoke of situations when we all may have experienced big emotions such as being sad or angry and how we managed them or what helped us calm down during such moments. Children have been preparing to contribute to the upcoming QAIS Art Show as well as for our final Unit Celebration during the first two weeks of June respectively. Children are very much looking forward to express their thoughts and feelings with you in their own special ways.们继续探究我们的情绪和感觉单元,并讲述了我们可能都经历过悲伤或愤怒等情绪的情况,以及我们如何处理这些情绪,以及在这些时刻怎么样能帮助我们平静下来。孩子们一直在为即将到来的艺术展做准备,同时也在为我们6月份前两周的最后一次单元庆祝活动做准备。孩子们很期待用自己独特的方式和你一起表达他们的想法和感受。

by Ms. Ruby Kalsi and Ms. Bella Liu, EC Peony Co- Lead Teachers.

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