EC Lotus:  Can you tell how I feel?

EC Lotus: Can you tell how I feel?

Over the past few weeks we have sung about our feelings, read about our emotions, acted out the way we felt, and drew all sorts of lines that represented our anger, silliness, joyfulness and sadness.  We also explored how colors can convey emotions and you will see just what we have been working on at Arts Week, coming up soon!


孩子们在教室里度过了忙碌的时光,参与自己所喜欢的工作,处理孩子之间所发生的分歧以及学习相处的新方式。孩子们一直积极专注在工作。请欣赏孩子们的照片! We have remained busy as ever in the classroom, engaged with our favorite works, overcoming disagreements with friends, and learning new ways to get along.  All the while, we have remained focused on learning!  Enjoy our gallery!

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