Happy Children’s Day!

Happy Children’s Day!

We had a great time playing each other’s multiplication math games. We were very creative in making fun and challenging paths.

After completing our research for the unit How the World Works, the summative project was to show our understanding and knowledge in any way. We started making posters, pop-up books, 3D models, and many more.

Time sure does fly by when you’re having fun…we have started our sixth and last unit of inquiry of our Grade 2 learning journey…Sharing the Planet. It’s a great way to culminate a year long journey of collaborative work! Our central idea is: People have the responsibility to rethink, reduce, reuse, and recycle to ensure a clean and healthy planet. We decided to add another “R” to the mix, repurpose.

We were challenged with selecting an object from home that we no longer use or need and think of at least three different ways it can be repurposed. We then presented our top two ideas to our panel of judges: Ms. Robyn, Ms. Gloria, and Ms. Jessica. (We were inspired by the popular American T.V. show “Shark Tank.”) The judges and audience (classmates) gave suggestions for improvement or new ideas altogether. Stay tuned for the final products!

We have been checking in on our compost and adding some new nutritious ingredients. The soil is really starting to look great!

A special thanks to Paul and Noah (DP students) for a creative solar system tour. The simulation of walking from one planet to the next provided us with a great perspective.

The big day for our Grade 5 Learning Buddies finally came and it was AWESOME! We are proud and impressed with their presentation and organization skills. It was great to see learners of all ages actively engaged in the various games, 3D models, informational magazines, and oral presentations. We applaud you Grade 5 for a FANTASTIC PYP EXHIBITION!

We wrapped up our week by going with our Grade 5 Learning Buddies to Yan’erdaoshan Park to CELEBRATE! We celebrated a year long collaborative journey, Grade 5’s PYP Exhibition, and Children’s Day (celebrated in China on June 1st). It was a fun filled morning of fresh air, ocean views, playing together, yummy and nutritious food!

When we got back to school after our field trip we enjoyed both playing and eating a special treat. May we always nurture our playful inner child…Happy Children’s Day!

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