Better together

Better together

With only three more weeks to go, our toddlers continue showing interest for learning each day. Arrivals are the greatest moment, when their enthusiasm for school is visible in their smile and the fun stories they are eager to share. 

It is very interesting to observe their initiative and enjoyment doing household chores.

Cooking or setting up the lunch table is another chore that children are doing willingly. The sense of responsibility is becoming stronger in these older toddlers. Once the helper has finished the chore, he/she loves to call for the group to lunch. “Clean up time!! It is lunch time”, they shout. 

Ms. Jessica was going to clean the name-tags and Luna got so excited to her clean them.

The popular “I spy” game is worked on through different activities in class. Finding the object or a number/letter, keep these children engaged for minutes! Or these ABC puzzles, which led to  improvising an activity and form our friends’ names. 

The body system, opposites and the life cycle of frogs are also being worked these days.

Last Friday, we did a visual experiment for the children to understand how the colors are mixed. We poured vinegar into a cup with baking soda and a few drops of red, blue and yellow food coloring. The result? A RAINBOW TRAY! (Sorry we don’t have more pictures)

Our sensory table is a big success since we placed it in the corner. Flour, water beads, soil with farm animals, and now water with ocean animals.

Last Wednesday, our Grade 5 friends presented their PYP Exhibition “We must be heroes”. We went to the auditorium to see their year-long learning process. These kids were so thoughtful that they even had prepared games/activities accordingly for each age group. Our toddlers enjoyed learning about “Sharing the planet”.

Yoga, drawing and painting, transferring objects, identifying shapes, matching colors, screwing, or children enjoying recess and library time!

The countdown for the end of this school year has begun. Let’s get ready to wrap up the term.

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