Let’s be expressive – Arts week

Let’s be expressive – Arts week

Last week QAIS hosted the Art Exhibition and we walked around to see and enjoy the art pieces that covered the walls of the school. Children were impressed with all of them, monster-shaped masks, portraits of EC friends expressing emotions on a canvas, a giant sea world mural, a big mock-up representing the book “We’re going on a bear hunt”, and some of the toddler’s art work from the last 3 weeks.

Following the theme of the art project made by our colleagues in EC, we brought back the emotions to our assemblies. We connected it to the book “Meet the Emotions” with the characters of the movie “Inside out”. Each day of the week we worked an emotion and these were their expressive faces!

On the rainy day, we practiced some physical exercises in the gross motor room. Time for kicking and throwing balls, and crawling.

Last Friday was the Dragon Boat Festival and we celebrated from early in the morning. Children were engaged preparing 粽子 for lunch, and a colorful thread was tied to our wrist so it is believed it will take away the bad luck.

An improvised picnic was set outside for snack. Just a small change of location thrilled everyone!

Since Baishan School had holiday on Friday, it was great to have the whole campus for us to explore. We enjoyed a nice walk around the campus to touch and smell flowers, to feel the grass under our feet, to observe birds flying around, and to gaze at the new water tank full of lotus.

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