Grade 2 Poetry Slam!

We began our unit on poetry by putting together our central idea and lines of inquiry in small groups and then discussing as a whole class what we understood and the questions we had. We then decided to create our Book of Poems so that we could organize poems we would read and study throughout […]

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How We Organize Ourselves…Transportation Systems! 

In Grade 2 we have started our new Unit of Inquiry, How We Organize Ourselves, in which we will focus on Transportation Systems. We began our week by organizing our Portfolios and our Literacy Circle folders after completing our first Unit of Inquiry, Who We Are.  We began our new unit by working together in […]

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Who We Are…Unit Celebration!

We were very excited to work on our summative project for our first unit of inquiry, Who We Are, which was all about celebrations. We really enjoyed organizing our personal pictures about celebrations that are important to us. We wrote about how we celebrate them and why. We then took some to share with each […]

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Happy Chongyang Festival!

  We had a wonderful week filled with sharing! At our PYP sharing assembly we learned about urban and rural schools from our Grade 6 friends. They shared with us their experience while visiting Jimo, a rural school, and did an amazing job taking action, we are very proud of you! Grade 5 sang a […]

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Collaborative home-building challenge

Collaborative home-building challenge with fifty wooden prisms in the Peony Cottage As part of our unit of inquiry into homes around the world, we focused one afternoon this week on the following team challenge… In teams of two or three, students were given 50 wooden prisms and invited to design different styles of homes. We spoke about the different features of the homes that […]


Poets are people who are passionately in love with language

      Rober Frost says that “Poetry is when an emotion has found its thought and the thought has found words,” and the QAIS community was a witness of this statement as PYP 2 parents joined the Poetry Reading unit celebration in a Coffee House style. Not only were parents part of the audience, […]


Arts, Science, Language and Fun

The grade 3 students have just completed their PYP unit focusing on the arts and how people use different forms of expression to convey their uniqueness as human beings.  During the unit of study the class went on a field trip to the Qingdao History Museum where they watched and learned about shadow plays.  The […]


The Impact of Structures

Grades 5 and 6 focused their recent inquiry on factors that influence architectural design. Over the course of the unit, they built bridges and other structures on the beach, and took a field trip to Beijing to see firsthand thousands of years of architectural evolution. For their summative project, students canvassed QAIS, researching the use […]


Learning Through Art

Grade 3 Field Trip Central Idea:  Through the arts people use different forms of expression to convey their uniqueness as human beings In our current PYP unit the third graders are learning how people use different forms of expression to convey their uniqueness as human beings. The third graders visited the local school Smart Art […]


Food ‘Matter’!

      In order to witness another example of matter in the real world, PYP 4 took a field trip to Casanova, an Italian restaurant in High Sense Mall. Chef  Yoiri, a native of Cuba, engaged students in a couple of processes that exemplified how matter changes in the process of making food. Students […]

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